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Site Monitoring

  • View and zoom into high quality images

  • Compare your site at different times

  • Search through the life of your project

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Timelapse Video

We specialise in creating timelapse movies of complex projects within the construction and film industries, using our specially designed and built timelapse camera system.

This results in images and high speed films of projects, or events which are used in films, television programmes, behind the scenes EPK's, as documentation of a job, to monitor the progress of developments, or for marketing purposes.

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Remote Access

  • 24/7 Access to your site

  • Encrypted secure log-in

  • Bespoke options available

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Site monitoring

Our online system allows authorised users to remotely view your your site, quickly and securely.

Remotely view your site

Quickly and securely view your site from anywhere in the world.

High quality zoom

Easily zoom into an area you want to see, without loosing quality.

Search all your images

Every image is available to view and download, from the start of your project to the present day

disputes and claims

Our online facility allows easy and accurate determination of what happened and when.

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Timelapse Video

We produce high quality timelapse video sequences of any subject and duration, from any location.


Our managed timelapse service is easy. We can take care of every step of the process, from initial consultation through to post-production.


Our custom built cameras are remotely operated, meaning no costly unnecessary visits to site and we can quickly adapt to changes on site.


Our cameras are monitored all day, every day. If there is an issue, e.g loss of power, we will know and can make arrangements to resolve it.


Each image is automatically, securely and remotely backed up. Should anything happen to the timelapse camera your footage is safe.


We can enhance your timelapse video with animations, real-time video or voiceovers, to help tell viewers more of your story.


Our cameras are designed for quality. We capture and produce next generation, high resolution video: HD, 4k etc. Your investment is future proof.

Our Work

A few examples from our portfolio.

A New Train Station for Fulham

St George

Classic Racing Yacht Rebuild

Berthon Boat Co Ltd

Luxury Residences

St Edward

Opulent Apartments

Berkeley Homes

Distribution Center Roof

SIG Design & Technology

University Campus

Uni of West London / Willmott Dixon

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